First Visit

What to Expect on your First Visit
Here’s what to expect during your first visit with Lambeth Spine and Sport. We’ll make sure you’re prepared!

Intake Forms

You will open a link you received in the welcome email labeled “Intake Forms” when you schedule your new patient appointment. Simply click on the link using any device to complete them online before you arrive at our clinic located in Lambeth, ON. There may also be some assessment questionnaires for you to fill out which help us track your improvement.


After arriving, you will meet the doctor who will ask questions about your health history as well as the reason you came in. This is to help the doctor figure out where the problem might be coming from.


After the consultation, you will undergo a series of neurological tests, orthopaedic examinations, and a selective functional movement assessment. Not only does this process ensure an accurate diagnosis, but it also helps determine why you have it.

Report of Findings

Once a final diagnosis can be made, the doctor will discuss the results with you and make it a point to educate you on what’s causing your symptoms. After you’ve understood the problem, the doctor will recommend a treatment plan specific to you.


Once your treatment plan has been discussed and agreed upon the doctor will introduce you to the treatment methods that will be used throughout the duration of your plan!